Get Back Up… Again

I know many of us are dealing with the pangs of life right now: caring for ailing and dying parents, making tough decisions, cancer impacting our family and loved ones, still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, broken relationships and marriages, struggles in raising our children, tragic vehicle accidents, unexpected loss of children, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, struggling with finances, fighting not to lose hope, depression, feeling discouragement, and the list goes on…

Don’t give up okay. Today I was reminded about Joseph who I’m sure felt like every time he saw light at the end of the tunnel he got knocked down again. Get back up. Joseph continued to wait on the Lord and fight the good fight of faith despite being betrayed by his brothers who wanted to murder him and sold into slavery instead. Then once he got back up he was falsely accused of rape, thrown into prison, and forgotten in prison when he had a chance to get out. It took years but God used it for the good of Joseph, his family and future generations that were to follow.

I also heard the story of a baby giraffe. When giraffes are born they fall 10 feet to the ground. How many of you feel like you’ve taken a fall? Then the mother starts to kick the giraffe to make it get up. Once up, she kicks it back down again! What a way to enter the world! Why? She’s teaching it how to survive. In herds, if a giraffe is to stumble, getting up quickly is the difference between life and getting eaten by a lion.

Church let’s pray for one another, encourage one another, live life with one another because when we hit seasons of darkness we need enough light to get back up again. God didn’t save us to fall into despair. Just like that mother giraffe who seemed to be taking it out on her baby, God says to us in the midst of the unrelenting storm, “I know the plans I have for you, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Father give us strength when we are weak. May each of our church family members feel your presence today. Give us hope when we can’t see past our face. Help us to rely on the truth of your promises. Enable us to encourage instead of discourage and build up rather than tear down. Finally empower us to get back up again no mater how many time we may fall. We need the grace of Jesus Christ this day and yet again tomorrow. Give us eyes to see that times of refreshing are coming!

It’s in Jesus’ Name that we pray,


Author: Scott Hescht

I serve as the lead Pastor of the Haven Community Church. My wife Courtney and I have two children, Zane and Daxton. I love reading, writing, graphic design, and pretty much all things creative. Bring up the topic of sports and you’ve got a friend for life. I also love to teach and preach God’s Word to anyone who will listen. I strive to be a constant learner as well, understanding that education isn’t something that we receive, but rather a lifelong journey. Above all, I strive to be a friend to those around me, seeking to be a light for Christ despite my own shortcomings. I have a BFA at Stephen F. Austin State University and a MA in Christian Leadership at Luther Rice Seminary. Prior to establishing The Haven in 2012, I have served as a pastor at Life Spring Church and an elder at Freedom Fellowship Church. In addition to pastoring the Haven, I serve on the board for Relationships for Christ Ministries, a missions organization working in Africa and Latin America.

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