The Haven is a local church joining God on His mission to spread the message and blessing of Jesus Christ to our world and community. In order to have any success in doing so, we must cover this purpose in prayer. The following is a daily guideline of prayer for our church as we seek to fulfill God’s mission through the Haven.¬†Would you join is by committing to faithfully praying with us?


Spiritual Warfare

  • That we would be prepared for persecution
  • That we would not be led into temptation
  • That we would be delivered from evil
  • That struggling church members would be delivered from strongholds



  • That the preaching/teaching would be well prepared, relevant and Biblical
  • That our leaders would be above reproach
  • That our leaders would continue to grow in their walk with Christ


Church Members

  • That our members would have a hunger for God’s Word and prayer
  • That we would live in Biblical community and unity amidst diversity
  • That we would grow in our generosity toward the church and toward others
  • That we would live intentionally in the world but intentionally distinct from it
  • That we would share and live out Jesus’s Kingdom in our daily lives
  • That we would discern between a Biblical perspective and that of the world’s in every area of our lives
  • That we would grow in our faith in Jesus, hope in the final resurrection and love for God and others



That we would seek to reveal the gospel and teach others to follow Jesus…

  • Within the church
  • Within our family and friends
  • Within the community
  • Within our workplaces
  • Wherever we may go



  • That the missionaries we support would experience success in making disciples
  • That the missionaries we support would be faithful in their calling
  • That the missionaries we support would be protected from the enemy
  • That we would continue to reach out and participate in mission projects in our community
  • That we would see ourselves as missionaries in day to day life and live so accordingly


Church Needs

  • That God would provide the right building space and location at the right time
  • That our members would be faithful, consistent and sacrificial in their giving
  • That God would continually speak to us and give us His direction as His church
  • That God would raise up the right leadership to fill the right needs


Church Services

  • That our praise and worship would be Christ-Centered, Spirit-Filled and Biblical
  • That hearts would be prepared to meet with, hear from, and act upon God’s Word
  • That the sermon would be well prepared, Christ-centered, Spirit-Filled, Biblical and relevant
  • That’s all the leaders and servants would serve as unto the Lord and be used by God
  • That our children/youth would be well taught, well served, and well loved
  • That the children/youth workers would be empowered with joy in their investment